Give me questions for Dana White

My company is doing a video sitdown with Dana White in the next couple days.

I'd love to include some questions of relevance to loyal UFC fans rather than the standard powderpuff stuff, so fire away.


Who is doing the matchmaking and fighter recuiting for Pride???

Yeah ask him why he feels he needs to F Bomb so damn much? Does he actually think it will make it look cool or help him get his point across easier somehow?

Tell him I love the F-Bombs(seriously). I'm sick of everyone bristling at that word like they're too cultured to sully themselves with it.

Dana, when will we see the White Ninja in the UFC? Is it true that you are hesitant to have him fight because he might put some of the fighters on life support?

Ask him if the DSE production staff will continue to handle Pride
broadcasts. It'd be a shame if the people who make their promotional
videos in the past are gone.

Ask him if the Pride announcing chick is still going to be on the Pride shows.

Ask him when he started balding. I'm afraid I might suffer the same fate.

Will you wear a diaper and beat the drum for Prides first show under Zuffa ?


"Dana, can you reveal some of the details about the situation with the UFC and HBO? Who will be used as fighters(current UFC guys, etc)? Will BJM be used? who will commentate?"



ask him when is going to bring the ufc back to the east coast specifically to the mohegan sun. It seemes that he is for taking the ufc on tour to places like england and ireland but us new england fans would also like to see the ufc live without flying to vegas.

I would like to know who Dana thinks has the best chance of stopping Fedor

At what point will Zuffa and the UFC will be paying fighters what they deserve??

I'm not talking about outlandish figures, but if Chuck Liddell and every fighter on down makes WWAAAYYY less for fighting such tough competition.

What is the best thing that can happen to MMA right now?

What is the worst thing that can happen to MMA right now?

"If you want action from your fighters and you want them to finish fights, Why do you not enforce the timidity rule and take points from fighters who stall and/or refuse to be aggressive?"

Here is a copy of the rule I'm refering to...

  1. Timidity, including, without limitation, avoiding contact with an opponent, intentionally or consistently dropping the mouthpiece or faking an injury.

Reference - Kos vs. Diego II, Smith vs. Cote, and AA vs. Werdum.

Ask him why he went with Setanta sports over Bravo when the UK UFC was staged after Setanta dropped UFC like a hot rock and Bravo saved it and gave UFC much need exposure here in Great Britain.

Also ask him why the UFC is planning to hold PPVs here rather than the Bravo format when they know full well the UK is NOT a big PPV buying market.

You could also ask why is he going to war with Cage Rage when they could be valuable assets to the UFC.

Ever consider a ranking system?

Will he give underground MMA legand Matty Mo aka The White Ninja a shot?

Here is a video where matty DIRECTLY calls out Dana White. See for yourself.

Why did he lie on the Spike special. Tito/Dana