Give me some good acoustic stuff

Give me some good acoustic rock stuff, preferably with just one guitar in it

I've been playing some jack johnson lately and i am liking it, i need some more acoustic tunes to play summer is coming quick and i need to cash in around the camp fire!

You should check out -Buckethead -Colma- too.

Good stuff

Oh, can I get a bluenamer to make those links I posted right clickable?


Best acoustic guitar player on the planet (not rock though sorry): Tommy Emmanuel

greg brady - till i met you.mp3

Tenacious D


Hey man, I just stumbled across this site - if anbody would be interested  its probably you.

Das nice site!! some cool links too

My band thing sort or started and ended real quick, i left after some musical differences that i didn't expect (there are some covers i just won't play)

I forgot to post a review but the forgotten rebels ROCK lee's last week

Thats too bad man.

I can only imagine what the songs they wanted to play were, lol.

jorma - accoustic tuna