Give Nick Diaz his props!!!

I'm reading people discredit Diaz' win over Robbie saying that Robbie sucks. Diaz is a BJJ blackbelt who deserves a lot of credit for showing his all around game by out striking a good striker in Robbie.

Oh so Lawler is not a good striker. He got the best of Chris Lytle who is having success as a pro boxer. How about his 1st round KO over Tiki? While Tiki (who holds a recent win over a well respected Ronald Juhn) may only be top 20 at 170 he is one of the best strikers at that weight. Lawler KO'd him in the first round which was something Lytle couldn't do.

I just think that it's absurd to not give Diaz the credit he deserves for KOing Lawler by saying Lawler sucks. Ask Lytle if Lawler sucks.

diaz is purple i think.

Don't forget Ron Jhun K.O over Pete Spratt and not many can say that not even lawler

mmamacdaddy is correct, but Diaz deserves the credit for the win.

Diaz is a Purple Belt.

My bad for calling Diaz a blackbelt. He is still a bad ass ground fighter.

It's funny that to a lot of people Lawler sucks and Lytle rocks because he won his LAST fight against Tiki a guy Lawler KO'd in the first round. By the way I'm a big Lytle fan.

ttt for Nick Diaz and his impressive win over Lawler.

Gary Hughes

all these guys mentioned are a bunch of bad ass 170'ers

Diaz is a good fighter I want to see him fight Jhun

Spider Man, good post. It's nice to see that there are a lot of fans on here who are not bandwagoners and give credit where it's due.

"There are very few fighters that fans like regardless of their current win status."

Genki Fans are very loyal, myself included.

Fighters aren't usually as good as the appear when they win big (especially in a short fight with few different positions encountered), and usually aren't as bad when they lose big.

Diaz is a skilled fighter and a nice kid. Plus, he won me $400 on

this was diaz 4th fight i got to see. each time i was more impressed then the first. he beat lawler in a way i never would have thought it would have ended. i don't like lawler,but anyone who says he's not a good fighter is full of sh*t

nick boxes 10 rouds/day. you cant call that luck!!!

I give Nick tons of respect. When the fight was happening I could not believe my eyes. When Nick started taunting Robbie I thought, he is going to look very stupid when Robbie drops him. Then the 2nd round started and bam. Nick is a fun fighter to watch.

I recently rewatched his fight w/ Hurley and I didn't remember his standup (from watching it live). Diaz is legit, no doubt, I look forward to seeing him fight in the future.

Also good points on the bandwagon/Fair weather attitude of many fans.

The only reason Nick Diaz is not getting any props is because he is known as a bjj fighter. There are a lot of BJJ haters on this forum.

molsonman, I really think it has more to do with the hate for Lawler. If Diaz did the same thing to Lytle people would be giving him his major props.

"i don't like Lawler,but anyone who says he's not a good fighter is full of sh*t"

bb32, i'm glad you can separate your feelings towards Lawler with your judgement of him as a fighter. I think a lot of people have a problem with that.

i like diaz... its good to leave vegas with your pockets stuffed with $100 bills!