Give Simms another shot

I think that since Simms stepped up on a days notice to fight Kyle he should be given another shot in the UFC. There are plenty of entertaining fights he could be in. He could have a rematch with Kyle, which has a good story to it. It would also be fun to see him against Kimo, or Cabbage. Give him another shot.

Sims vs. Tank needs to Mohegan Sun

and the loser (probably Sims) needs to be gone from the UFC forever

Sims is coming back...don't worry my Simsaholics...Hollywood will run wild once again...real soon!!

Sims back ASAP Dana, PLEASE!!! satisfy the Simsamaniacs, and you will be seeing wes's first big win in the UFC next time he steps in there. I hope it's against Kyle, because wes needs some revenge there. Before others inevitably say, "just like he got back at Mir, right?" please honestly tell me that you think that kyle has anywhere near the skills of Mir. kyle is a trashtalking loser who needs to be sent back to KOTC for good. Let wes make it happen and don't give kyle an opponent that (no offense to this guy) nobody has heard of. Wes vs. Kyle at UFC 49!!!

Sims deserves a title shot against Mir or Sylvia. hes the best they got!

I could deal with Sims vs Tank. Its the only Tank bout that could remotely interest me these days.

sign me up for wanting to see Sims fight again

I hope you were out tossin' back some Cuervo w/ Wes when you wrote this title!

he should be gone already

Sims is hilarious. If the UFC did a stand-up comedy show Sims should be main eventing every show.

But the UFC runs a MMA show and the fact is, Wes Sims does not have UFC skills.

Sims deserves another shot no matter what because he took that fight on a day's notice. end of story.

Having said that, the only person who has looked better against Mir is Freeman. And against Kyle, the bite clearly played a role as well as Kyle's sucker punch.

Simms cant fight becuase...........................................Mark and Kevin need someone to hold the spitbucket.

I'm changing a little bit towards Sims, he showed some actual skills against Kyle after I watched it again... The stupid redneck shouldn't have looked away at that crucial time, but shit happens.

I was going to say let's not, and say we didn't, but I kind of wouldn't mind if he got another shot.

The obvious fight is Sims/Sylvia. Both are coming off losses.

Unless Kyle sticks around, who else is there for Sylvia to fight while waiting for another shot at the title? He beat Cabbage, Rizzo is gone, Mir just broke his arm, and hopefully Tank is gone for good.

Orcus did you not watch UFC 48? Slyvia is out for a long time.