Give SMITE another try! New Season/New Map!!

So SMITE, one of the best MOBA's out there, is updating their Conquest map to be totally fucking amazing.  With over 60 gods including Thor, Loki, Zues, Hercules, Chang'e, Chronos, Janus,'s fucking great.

If you tried other MOBA's like DOTA or LoL, but hated the click-click-click style of movement, give SMITE a try.  It's a Third Person WASD movement control scheme with full control over your god.

I'll even teach you how to play if you need help.

Download for Free

I understand literally none of this, lol Phone Post 3.0

Add me.  Sincognito is my IGN

Smite is pretty fun. I'm enjoying Blizzard's MOBA as well. It's still in beta, but it will be a huge hit because that's how Blizz rolls. Phone Post 3.0

I'm on and off with LoL. Might try this one out Phone Post 3.0

I also like the Greek mythology lore they use in smite. Might DL later. I only stopped because none of my friends played it. Phone Post 3.0

well, I play pretty much daily.  So I'll be on a lot.  Join the clan and you'll always have someone to play with.

Ttt Phone Post 3.0