Give Tito/Dean their dues as coach

as coaches, I am very impressed by what they do and how the coach. Whos wit me?

everyone i guess, the team has only lsot one match, which was basically the best vs. the worst

yeah i was too. before the second round "right head kick, right head kick". i know sal got ko'd with a left head kick, but seriously nice call.

Dean Lister is the shit. When I saw him coaching Tito's guys...I knew Tito had his bizniss together as a coach.


I don't think anyone is saying Tito is the best coach ever, but will probably go down as one of the best seen on TUF ever. Does comparing him to shamrock this season make him look like an even better coach? 100% yes

I think Tito has a bright future as a MMA coach ahead of him. And didnt like Tito to begin with.

I think they are SMOKING Ken's team as so far as coaching. BUT that could be due to the editing of the show too. I'm sure that everything we are seeing is NOT exactly how it happened. Not that a show would take something and take it a little out of context tocreate a little "drama". LOL!!!

Great coaches! Ill be honest, when you look at Tiki, I always thought that Tito must be a shit coach, but he really gives all his knowledge and efforts to bring the best out of his guys!

Hes brought a great team of coaches to assist him too!