Give to this fundraiser and get VTFU for a week

Hey guys,

One of my friends and classmates is having a difficult time with a relapse in her fight with anorexia.  We have set up a fundraiser at to help her pay for the very expensive inpatient treatment that she needs.  She is heading out to Utah on Tuesday to be admitted and the center is going to work with her on a payment plan for their services.  So, whoever feels in a giving mood, your donations are much appreciated.  If you donate, post here letting me know (this is an honor system, I'm sure the OG is honorable) and I'll give you all VU every day for a whole week. 

Jenny's Fundraiser


Here is a little something for your troubles.


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She doesn't look anorexic, those tits are glorious! Phone Post 3.0

Nevermind, I'm an idiot. I just clicked the link and see the girl posted above is different than the one with the problem. Phone Post 3.0

VU for posting first Phone Post 3.0

I created an account, but it looks like they only take credit cards, which I don't have.
Other donation sites like this I have used before all took Paypal.
Unless I'm missing it and there is someplace to use Paypal, if so, point me there.
Anyway, I wish your friend the best. I've had friends struggle with this problem too. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks man. They don't take paypal because they are set up with a site called I guess it is a direct competitor with paypal maybe? I asked if we can get paypal enabled and they said no.

I appreciate the effort though. Thanks again. Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0