Giving our brick oven a shot today

We're hosting Easter this year and we're going to make a bunch of brick oven pizzas using the brick oven in our new house. First time using it despite having lived here for six months lol. I will try to post pics along the way. We're having my family and my in-laws along with a couple friends. 

Wish me luck!

Oh fuck, did I post this in the UG? Mods, move to the OG please.



You have too much wood, you are going to burn the fuck out of that pizza.

Have you ever used a brick oven? There's a good amount of technique involved. 

i think your supposed to preheat that thing for a few days...

I want one

Oh great I thought i had curbed by pizza craving earlier with shitty gas station pizza and now I'm craving it again. 

Very nice. I used to do flatbreads in a brick over like that. Arugala, grapes and balsamic, breakfast ones with egg, bacon, and leeks and of course pepperoni for the kids. Damn, now I'm hungry. 


I asked the mods to move to the OG two hours ago.

Props brother. Pizza game is strong.

That pizza oven is massive. Man I wish I had that.