Gladiator Fighting Challenge

Gladiator Fighting Challenge I

Complete coverage and pics of a great show. Come check it out

Gladiator Fighting Challenge


I believe this show was actually called "Gladiator Fighting Championship".

Thanks Rikki, I fixed em.
I always have at least 2 typos though, whats the other ;)



I really enjoyed judging this show. Robert, you did a great job as the Ref.

What are you talking about, Aaron?

Robert sucked as a ref!

Apparently, he doesn't know anything about fighting because my guy was CLEARLY on his way to a comeback and knocking me out when he stopped it!

The fact that I was over him landing punches and knees is really a moot point. I was in trouble!


Robert did a great job! The ref has to protect the fighters and that is something the crowd just didn't understand. They wanted BLOOD!!

Rob and Bob even said in the rules meeting that they would stop the fight if people were in trouble.

Quick note

In the fight descriptions, you have fights 7 & 8 reversed.

The descriptions are correct, but the names are wrong.

Fight 7 was Nick Jackson and Dewey Olinger, with Nick winning by strikes on the feet.

Fight 8 was Seth Little and Jason Bryant, with Seth (I think) winning by guillotine.

Cool pix and play by play, though!


There was the second typo I was looking for lol, Thanks.
It was a very good show and Robert did do a fine job reffing.
I was afraid I mixed a couple fights up when I realized the order wasnt the same on my 2 sheets of notes

The Hook,

Jason Bryant won against Seth Little by guillotine.

By the way, it was good to get to see you fight your first fight.


I wasn't sure about the Little/Bryant fight, but I knew Nick Jackson's fight was stopped on the feet.

Glad you could be there! I was hoping to put on a better show, but what can you do?

See you in February!