Gladiator FS - Trail BC- Results

Gladiators Fighting Series – AM FORD FIGHT NIGHT "HELTER SMELTER" April 21, 2007 – TRAIL BC


Rob Wince defeated Marcus Hicks via RNC at 2:40 1st Round (LHW Championship)

Daniel Ferguson defeated Cody Shipp via armbar at 0:12 2nd Round (LW)

Brad Causey defeated Ryan Ferguson via KO at 3:56 1st Round (MW)

Cody McKenzie defeated Brett Held via TKO at 1:15 of 2nd Round (WW)

Amateur Muay Thai

Connor Wood defeated Kyle King by TKO at 1:50 of 1st Round (CMTA PNW Super MW Championship)

Wesley Neil defeated Aaron Castellvi via TKO at 3:38 2nd Round

Brian Park defeated Ivan Varga by Majority Decision (3 rounds)

Jason Schuepfer defeated Kenji Nitta via TKO at 1:57 1st Round

Stephan Lemercier defeated Dave Harding by unanimous decision (3 rounds)

Pro Muay Thai

Frances Pettitt defeated Natalie Yip by unanimous decision (5 rounds)

Nectarios Kotsifakis defeated Jody Poff by unanimous decision (3 rounds)