Gladiator MMA 2-0 @ UGC

I would just like to congratulate Team Gladiator fighters Cory MacDonald and Scott Arnold for thier impressive wins tonight at UGC13!!

Cory MacDonald defended his title against François Flibotte and won by tko at 1:25 in the first round.

Scott Arnold defeated Alexander Jr. by tko at :45 in round 2.

Great job as always guys. Thanks to Greg Compton for helping me corner as well, you're hard work is appreciated.

Also a big thank you to the other Team Gladiator members who made the trip to support thier clubmates. It means alot to have friendly faces in the crowd when you're stepping in the ring.

It's 3:00am and I'm freaking tired, so please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors :-p

Congrats to both Cory and Scott. Another great event for Team Gladiator!


Ronin MMA

Cory and Scott

Craig Brown

Congrats guys!

Good work...I was hoping to be there last night but shit happens and the plans fell through. Glad to see the boys pulled it off.

When is Scotty gonna get a shot @ that bean pole Ricardeau Francois again? Seeing it was Scott's 1st fight for UGC and was thrown in against their big guy and went to the decision I wanna see Scott get another shot @ him.


Thats awesome, congrats on the wins guys. I'm not surprised the fights went that way after watching some of your training.

Too bad you weren't there Mike. I was wondering why you hadn't come up to say "Hi"

Rumour has it Scott may be fighting Fritz Paul for the lightheavy title next....we'll see what happens I guess.

Great fights by Cory and Scott. Cory, you were absolutely dominant and Scott, you took out one of the scariest looking guys I've ever seen. Congrats to both!

Hey all....just wanted to thank all of my coaches and training partners. Rob Wynne of Gladiators has worked hard with me to develop my ground game and Mark Cleary has been great working my stand up. We are a small club from a pretty small town but we have some great fighters and we train as hard as anyone anywhere. What else is there to do in Kingston other then train, run, eat and sleep?:) Thanks also to training partners and Team Gladiator fighters Cory,Greg,Ryan,Glen and everyone else. Great club and group of fighters to train with!


Congrats guys.