Gladiator MMA

Just bored and for no reason I thought that this logo looked cool.

Gladiator MMA

Well thank you for the compliment Dougie. :-)

Man...that is one tough looking rat.

I think that rat would kick my @$$.

looks pretty awesome on robs back too

LOL at the rat!!

It's actually supposed to be a wolf!! From day one we have always said it looked a little bit too much like a rat, oh well Splinter of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was my first Sensei so I guess it is fitting

Good one Dougie

Greg Compton

Rob, who teaches your bjj classes?

That wolf has certainly done a few forearm curls in
the past. Nice striations. His nails are way too long
though, dangerous while rolling.

Wayne-o, I teach all the classes, and we have input from all the other guys who have trained with other clubs/instructors. I trained under Tai-Kai for a while. I'm not ranked though, I don't really care about it too much.

Thanks for the reply Rob. All the best in the new year.

Is Brian back to training, he was injured wasn't he?

No, Brian hasn't been back. His wife had a kid, so I think he's doing the family thing now.


Hey guys. I haven't forgotten about my Gladiator brothers. I had surgery on my finger...still going through some physio. Amazing how one little finger can slow you down.
I should be back to train in a few more weeks. Greg and Shane give me a call at my new cell phone went through the wash and I lost all my numbers: 962-4229.

Hey Ryan, its good to hear your recovering well. Sorry we havent spoken over the holidays, but im sure you were as busy as me. You and I have to get together and watch the UFC show coming out like in a week and a half.

Is your home number still the same?

Cheers guys

lmao @ the "rat"!

Good to hear from you Ryan, we were all wondering what's been going on with you.

See you soon

When do you guys fight next??? and who is fighting????