Gladiator Mouth Guards

"do i have to kick your ass to get one? or can i just order liiek evry one else? "

Well you can try but rest assured my teeth will be adequately protected...

"LOL! Very enthusiastic. "

To be honest, I purchased the mouthguard 100% based on the fact that they supported the guys from the UGGP. To date I have always used boil and bites and found them to be sufficient. This one is not even in the same ballpark, not even the same sport...

John from Gladiator Mouthguards is the man. (So is Kurle)

Gladiator mouth Guards Rule!

Call me  1-877-848-2737 ask for John,

Cool, thanks John

Gladiator Mouthguards are sponsoring Matt Grice for his UFC 77 fight in Cincinnati tomorrow night!