Gladiatores Del UFC

Watched this tonight....great episode:

Diego vs. Karo

Melvin vs. Davis

E. Sanchez vs. Neto

Franklin vs. Silva

Apparently, however, we've all been wrong about the title match
upcoming at UFC 67....according to Gladiatores Del UFC the bout is
between Anderson Silva and Travis Luther. Anyone have info on Luther?


What country are you watching in?

hahaha. USA. SoCal.

Does the Spanish speaking audience know that these UFC fighters are paid in near-cash equivalents such as coupons to Hardees?

Maybe they have some message boards I can go to.

I'm in SoCal too

On what channel do they show Gladiatores Del UFC?

FSWE = Fox Sports West Espaniol I believe.

Nobody knows anything about Luther?

Sweet, I never knew Fox carried UFC on their Espanol channel.

I heard Luther was a crafty jiu jitsuey practicionier =)

its a kool show trying to get that huge mexican market, i would not blame them...

There's no Hardees in SoCal, it's Carl's Jr.

squirrel....where in SoCal are you? Palm Springs area for me.

Joe Sacto....great point.