Gladiators Carpool from Belleville

Hey I was just wondering if Ryan or Shane or anyone else from Belleville is still making the trip to Gladiators in Kingston every week? I want to start coming out to the Friday and Sunday classes and I was wondering if anyone wanted to save some gas money by riding up together. If anyones up for it let me know for tomorrow.

Actually the title of the thread is kind of misleading since I don't have any method of transportation right now so it would be less like a carpool and more like me just trying to mooch a ride from someone in their car. But if anyone has room and doesn't mind doing all the driving I'll cover the gas and keep you company on the drive there and back.


No takers? At these gas prices it's a hell of deal I think. I'll fund all the gas to and from every Friday and Sunday. Ryan (TripleG)? Shane (Dogtags)? Anyone else from Belleville who goes there regularily. The offer is on the table.

Also are any of you guys coming out to the Matt Thornton seminar next weekend in Trenton?

Hey Adrian, I'm sure we can work something out. You don't have to pay all the gas. Tonight I am going early (3:30)to help out my grandmother and Sunday I am going to K-town for mother's day and will be training afterwards, so we can work something out for next weekend? Email Later buddy, Ryan

That would be awesome Ryan, I'll drop you an email or if I can figure something out I might see you there tonight anyway and we can talk about it.

hey adrian, sorry it took so long to reply, i havent gone in a while, i injured my knee a while back and ive been talking with a few docs, and now there might be surgery as an option, i hope it doesnt go that far but you never know. Im getting an mri and some other tests done on it. Nonetheless i wont be travelling to gladiators for a while... they just hurt me way to much lol

cheers buddy

Thats cool Shane, sorry to hear your knee is so messed up. Hope it gets better soon so you can train again.

Shane I'm off on weekends now so if you wanna come by for the upcoming Hughes vs. Gracie PPV your more than welcome. You too Ryan.

The cut off for the Matt Thornton seminar in Trenton is Wednesday if anyone is interested. It's $225 for the weekend. The flyer is posted on the SBGi forum on this website.

Shane I still need to get that Bas Rutten Big Book of Combat from you as well.

Shane, how are you buddy? Sorry to hear about the knee. Maybe you could give me the book to give to Adrian ;)

hey ryan...i'd remove your home phone number from the internet if i was you bud LOL
see u tonight at training LOL

I'm originally from the little town of Cannifton.


guardbr8kr are you still in the area? Do you train in Kingston too?

I just edited my post and got my number off of there. I checked my messages at home. 1500 messages from female fans, 5 major magazines called requesting interviews including Sports Illustrated, and Time (something about sexiest man alive)and a couple of girls I must have impregnated back in University. Lesson learned...never post your number. I'm scared to check my email.

Adrian, nah moved out of Cannifton when I was 12, that was a long time ago but what a great area to grow up as kid. I still have alot of family and friends in the area that I see quite often.

I'm in the dirty Shwa now.


Be more scared to check your mailbox. I have used your phone number to subscribe you to a variety of porn and fetish magazines.

Nice. lol

Ryan you've got mail. Are we on for the friday/sunday trips to Kingston? Let me know whats up.

Yep we're on. I will email you in a few hours when I get a few minutes.