Gldbrg gets what HHH doesn't 98%

of the time, an actual crowd reaction. Not just a pop, but a "Wow, I'll actually watch this match, and not take the shit I've been holding off for the past three days."

HAHA! So true!

He's actually getting over now? I never saw anything special about him either.

*eagerly waiting for mccandyass to write a dissertation on how HHH gets a huge crowd reaction*


I'm just glad that Goldberg has learned how to sell.

Actually McCandyAss is pretty honest in his HHH postings lately, so I don't think you'll be seeing him dispute this fact. Much the same way I won't dispute the fact that HHH scores ratings in his quater hours.

That's fair enough Beezulbubba

"HHH scores ratings in his quater hours"

Which is ussally the main event, or after monday night football.

he mixes cum with his water and spits it at the crowd the fag!

Rack mike, that shit was funny.