Glitch in the matrix, free college??

Well, not totally free but it seems like you could do it for like $30.00 per class.

I've seen mention of two resources on here in the last few days that seem like if you combined them you could get a Good education for dirt cheap. The resources I'm talking about are CLEP Tests, and

With the CLEP Tests you can test out of certain classes through your college, and from what I saw it costs about $30 per test and they offer pretty much everything you would take your first two years of college.

The college I was looking at in particular said that it would accept a maximum of 30 CLEP credits BUT if you CLEP out of classes at another college they become credits from that college which will transfer and not count towards your CLEP credits at the new college.

Now what if you aren't confident in your ability to pass a certain test? Well that's where comes in. Here you can sign up for pretty much any class you want for free and since you're going to CLEP out at another college it won't matter that you're not earning credits. Phone Post 3.0


I hope I'm not missing anything, but I don't see a reason why you couldn't do this and get yourself at least an associates. Phone Post 3.0

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Associates degrees are like junior high diplomas. This is a great idea but only if you plan to pursue your bachelors. Phone Post 3.0

manzuri - I hope I'm not missing anything, but I don't see a reason why you couldn't do this and get yourself at least an associates. Phone Post 3.0


What school would give you the degree if you aren't enrolled in one?


Schools vary in what they will award for CLEP, and what CLEP exams they will accept. They all require a certain amount of hours at the school. They aren't going to award you a degree if you didn't take any of their classes.


That's a Good point, you would need to enrol. But if you had the credits I don't see why you couldn't do it in one semester, and still save a ton of money. Phone Post 3.0

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Any code to reduce student loans?

I've taken 6 CLEP tests. If you google "clep pass rate", you will find a page that shows which tests have the highest passing rates within each subject. For example, if you need social science credits, CLEP will have about 6-7 different tests in that subject. Pick the test with the highest pass rate. You can probably find some study material on the subject by googling "clep sociology flashcards". Study those for a day or so and take the test. You will probably pass. I took all 6 tests with minimal studying and passed each one. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the input guys! I knew making this thread that there was no way it was as perfect as it seems, but i still think that it's a Good option for me since I have other resources that will help me with a 4 year degree, and hopefully this thread can help some other OGrs out there that are looking to get an education with out costing them a shit load of money. Phone Post 3.0

Still a really good option for those who want to get back in school. Thanks OP and others who shared info. VU. Phone Post 3.0

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To get a degree from a College(4 year) you need to take at least 60 credit hours(2 years) at the College/University.

This stops OG'ers from taking a bunch of CLEP tests and Junior College courses and transferring to Harvard for their last semester to get a degree.


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Any code to reduce student loans?

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