Global Fighting Championships??

Anybody know anything about this promotion? I see that they are having a show at Mohegan Sun in August but really can't find anything about the promotion (website, fighters etc..).

Ok I foud the site, I'm a tard

Still looking for info about the promotion though


Thanks GF. It says Wes Sims, Butterbean and Jeff Monson are all fighting on the card, is that confirmed???

I also found a thread on some forum that was throwing around names like Tank Abbot, Ken Shamrock & Mario Sperry. But I'm thinking thats complete BS.


Jeff Monson is fighting Pedro Rizzo September 1st at Art of War 3 so I higly doubt he will be fighting a month before that

True, well thats what they have on the poster for GFC, so I wonder whats up with that.

The site is pretty ghetto, just a welcome page with a place to fill in your contact info.

TTT 4 more info, anyone????

Damn, nobody has any info on this shit????

TTT, sounds like a good show to me, and only five min from my house

Yeah, I'd still like to know the lineup though. Last MMA show I saw at MS was the IFL a few months back, and before that it was UFC 55 :(