Global food shortages thread

There is no coca cola anywhere.

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Not sure what you are talking about. Did my bi-monthly shopping trip and the soda shelves were stocked. Even had like 4 different types of Coke Zero. Also had baby formula and pretty much everything else. In no way am I saying food shortages are not real, as I have prepped for them, I just haven’t seen it yet. Apparently eastern Montana is still doing OK.

Im in a border town. We are stocking you. Always have.

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Watched a video last night claiming India (2nd biggest exporter of wheat) has announced it will no longer export wheat.


Yes I posted about that. People disregard it like its nothing.


When goods dont cross borders, army do

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Lol. I don’t know if you meant this how i took it, but i used to tell my wife that we don’t need enough to last years; just enough to realize shit has actually fallen apart…also I have a harvest right freeze dryer and the company is actually out of Utah so probably a LDS connection there.

It’s extremely easy to use, literally just set it and forget it. Only maintenance is changing the oil on the pump occasionally unless you splurge on the oil-free pump.

Might look into one

I currently have 18 cups of rice and beans plus a dozen eggs in ours. In the past I’ve used frozen vegetables and fruit just bc it’s cheaper and it’s for long-term purposes anyway. I’ve decided to start cooking a lot of the stuff I’ve had stored and freeze drying it. I’ve recently been discussing selling some freeze dried stuff online with my wife. People pay good money for it, especially the candy. There’s appears to be a decent profit margin there.

What model did you get and where did you buy it?

I was thinking of working out a deal with a farmer to freeze dry their excess food here

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We bought the “medium” sized harvest right machine directly from their website.


Keep us informed how this thing goes!

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For how long will you have food ?

We have enough to get by for at least a few months. Plan on continuing to build on that

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With focus on that stuff, you are playing right in to the propaganda.

What propaganda? Food storage is nothing new to us and neither is the freeze dryer. Growing up in a place where a bad storm could mean no electricity or trips to town for weeks resulted in knowing it pays to be prepared. Life has taught me that it’s better to have and not need than need and not have.


I don’t get it. This isn’t tin foil hat stuff. Even if you felt food shortages were 90% unlikely to happen or to affect you why wouldn’t a person store up food just in case? A 10% chance of not have food to eat is much to high for me


A couple of weeks when diapers are sold out? Really? There are about half a dozen solutions to that that involve the mildest of hardships.

“I must do an extra dirty laundry load a day! Let’s sing slave hymns!”


I heard about baby formula shortages. I heard some babies need a certain type because it has certain amino acids they need for a disease.

It’s so strange to me , that a country like America and citizens risk to be without food.
Because of a storm .