Global food shortages thread

So much food is wasted every single day. Sure there are shortages but we aren’t going to starve. We waste way more than we consume.

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They are starting to protest in grocery stores

Some day there will be children in America that never tasted real chocolate, or meat

I don’t know if it was posted here but I heard that Brandon donated billions for food security, for the Middle East. Fuck you brandon

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It’s related. The bill helps all that food security flow more easily.

Anyone experiencing these shortages in their area?

Wtf is happening to all the water? Seems like there is a global drought. I don’t believe it is from global warming

Look up “hunger stones”. On occasion, there is a global drought. We know from these “hunger stones” in European rivers that the American dustbowl of the 1930s was felt in Europe as well.

Basically, when the water level in certain places drops low enough, somebody carves the year on one of these exposed -normally below water level- rocks on the shore of the river. The earliest date on any of the rocks is 1616, but oral tradition holds that there are hunger stones dating back to 1115.