Glorious Tweet! HAHAHAHAHA!

If they live in a super free state where no one shits their pants if they see someone open carrying, then lots of people do because it is way more comfortable.

This. If you see my gun, one of us fucked up.


Lol if you’re not defending all things shitbag you’re thinking about peens. Never change Pundit



Only thing I keyed in on was the “altered” pistol brace.

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Over the top. Lifted trucks of firearms.

Why does tweeter thank joe biden?

No, it’s a red dot (which you can have on pistols) and a magnifier…

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it has to do with the “points” system. iirc its auto 4 point if you have a scope, even though there are revolvers with actual scopes, not to mention all the RMRs on semi autos

glad you’re willing to risk the felony and lose of your 2A - you do you - not a risk I’m willing to chance,

holosun sucks???

I’ll just leave this here.

…… no they wouldn’t.

Can you provide a link to the actual federal law backing up what you say? Because I can’t single thing about it and literally I’ve read says that you’re incorrect.

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That’s not federal law. That’s the ATF making shit up.

Hopefully, it’ll be shot down pretty quickly.

You are absolutely 100% wrong there! Now if they were to put an actual butt stock on then suddenly it would be classified an SBR and an NFA item so better get your stamp before you do that.

The optic plays no role in defining a pistol versus an SBR.

One of my Daniel Defense “Pistols” falls in this very category.


I didn’t realize what he was talking about. He’s not 100% correct but he’s not 100% wrong either.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s what he’s talking about.

Basically, it’s a list of horseshit that they came up with to get sued. It’ll probably be shut down pretty quickly due to how a whole bunch of guns suddenly become rifles with it. Supposedly, it’s going to take effect in August.


Might have got a deal on it he couldn’t pass up


to shoot cans in your backyards?