Glorious Tweet! HAHAHAHAHA!

Its all subjective nonsense.
The justification for brace length, if they followed their own logic, would allow me to have a 17inch “brace”.

The only legit, obvious “gotcha” was the p-cord on the lower part of the brace. Thats clearcut modification.
It was stupid to post it to social media.

Overkill for what?

More confusingly, if a firearm has flip-up sights, then the ATF would give that gun one point towards becoming an SBR. The ATF would assign a gun with a red dot two points. The ATF doesn’t see why a shooter would use a red dot pistol on a pistol.

thats just a red dot - and 2 mins of google.

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You missed where I went on to post the actual worksheet.

My point, still stands. It’s not federal law.

Nice pistol!

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besides the eye relief thing, adding a HEAVY ass magnifier? please

I’m not sure what you’re trying to argue here.

i dont know why you dont understand
see how many point you’d have between not having the right eye relief and a red dot and magnifier

…. I posted the actual worksheet hours and hours ago. I’m disagreeing about your implication that it’s federal law.

Cuz he’s got a small mouth.

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I know all about their troubles. They got it fixed, though. Everyone has issues. I bought an Aimpoint Patrol that was unacceptably fuzzy, and exchanged it for one that had a sharp red dot.

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The point that I was making is that the military using something or not using something doesn’t inherently mean much of anything at all.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that goes “the military equips for the last war”. To illustrate, think of the Sig .277 Fury rifle. The average troop couldn’t shoot from mountain top to mountain top with an M4, so now the military is going to issue a rifle that can.

Even tactically, how long did it take for the military to drop weaver and go to the thumbs forward grip? 10 years? 15?

Then we can look at some good old fashioned meme quality stuff. The military generally uses equipment made by the lowest bidder.

While I tend to agree that quite a lot of the gear works pretty well, we can’t attach any meaning to the gear except as a starting point.

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