Glory Fight in Calgary ??

I think the fights were last night ?? anyone go ?

this is what I'ne found so far, can anyone fill in the blanks ?

Jase Nibourg over ryan Hartnat 1st rd RNC

Jon Nyguen over ? 1st rd (I believe it was an armlock)

Dave Pogson over Todd(special supplements)Owen 2nd rd RNC

Andrew Buckland over Dylan ?(arshido-red deer) split decision(Buckland had a lot of submissions locked in)

Kurt Southern over Pete Adamcik 1st rd KO

guy from panther gym in edmonton over Sheldon Leblanc 1st rd rnc

Josh Gallant over Sean Quinn 1st rd tko(this was a great fight,back and forth,then gallant was in the guard and heard the 10 seconds left clap and turned on the elbows and ended it before the round ended.)

I was going to go but didn't make it out. I don't remember his name but did the guy from Gracie barra win???

Gallant and Quinn are both awesome fighters. Good contrast of styles. Quinn had a strong mount, and a great takedown. Gallant was able to turn the tide and close out the fight in the final seconds of the round. Very explosive performance by both guys.


The guy from Gracie Barra lost by submission to John Win from BDB
Martial Arts with an Arm Bar.

Disappointed to hear Quinn lost, but at least it sounds like it was a good fight. He's had a couple really exciting fights in Regina that I've seen live.

That's all that happened?

Hey guys,

Don't know what to say about my performance this weekend. I am very disappointed in myself. It was like i had never taken a jiu jitsu class in my life. Things started off vey well for me, but when things werent going my way i think i broke a little mentally. I learned a good lesson from this fight and have already started to change things with how i train. I will be back and i will be better than ever. From what i hear people enjoyed the fight so i can be happy with that at least. This is my first loss so im not sure how to deal with it but i will take it as a learning experience. Oh well. Congrats to Josh, i think he should stay at the 145 lb weight class because he will be a monster at that weight. Thanks to my crew from Regina Infight Jiu Jitsu and to everyone that came to see the fights. To the Quinnfight fan club... I'll be back!!!

Quinnfight! Quinnfight! Quinnfight!!!
Hey buddy it happens.....its happened to all of us at one time or another in one sport or another. I know that this fight will make you a better fighter all around. Whenever you're ready to go back to the mat you just let me know. Ciao!

Im already training again. Fuck taking time off!!! I'll roll tomorrow morning if you want. I have a brand new Gi i would love to break in. Let me know. I'll be there tonight. 

Let me know if you want to train in the morning, i'm at work right now so give me a call or email me sometime tonight


well if youre at work and Jeff is in Yorkton...i wonder which loser is running class???

*cries a little inside*

ill be running class today. oil checking 101.

Quinn, call me dammit!!!!!