Glory PPV cut off at midnight!

Missing the last few fights on ATT. FML!

11:15 here. Hopefully this final match gets cracking. Phone Post 3.0

It was scheduled as 10 - 4 for me. Comcast Phone Post 3.0

Now the rigmarole of getting a refund will begin Monday morning.

Same happened here, shut off right at midnight. I'm on U-Verse in Texas. Lame.

Luke Pukem - It was scheduled as 10 - 4 for me. Comcast Phone Post 3.0

Mine was also scheduled for 10-4.

I'm on unverse in TX also.

The schedule includes the replay Phone Post 3.0

Well glad I didn't order it if it cut of early I'm in Michigan and I have att uverse I wanted to order but didn't have the money lol damn bills lol Phone Post 3.0

Typical Texas ! Always trying be different Phone Post 3.0

It was unacceptable when the UFC did that 13 years ago.

Still unacceptable now.

BFG9000 - it was paper view? i thought it was free
Free card on spike 8-10 then a ppv from 10-apparently 12 in some places lol.. Phone Post 3.0

Damn that sucks. Hope people can get some kind of refund.

This is one of the reasons I got rid of cable (i.e., switched to ordering PPV's online). I'm not really sure how anyone can trust them, they seem to thrive on negative customer experience.

Still worked fine if u watched it live or at least on a delay. Phone Post 3.0