Glove Suggestion?

My boxing gloves are pretty used up. Looking peoples experience with the following gloves...

Everlast Protex 3 hook & loop 16oz

Everlast Protex 3 with Evergel hook & loop 16oz

These were my old gloves

Ringside IMF Tech 16oz 

Any help? 


I like the Ringside IMF Tech or the Title Gel. I used the ringside like you had until they wore out. They lasted quite a while. I have the title gel now, but I have not used them as long so I can't say if they will hold up as long as the IMF Tech. I don't like Everlast. They either sell cheap junk stuff or good but over priced equipment. Cleto Reyes and Grant make some quality gloves, but you do pay a premium for them. Someone I know who collects gloves likes the Grant Campeon gloves best. I think they go for around $140.

I'm a big fan of Title Training gloves.

Tie a bunch of t-shirts around your fists and write "Neverlast" on them. ;-) Phone Post

First ones you posted are great. Never used the second ones.

Edit: I dont' know if they're worth 199.99 though. I got a huge discount on them.

For $200 go with Reyes/Grant/Winning

Hi Joe
This is Joe from massbjj. We were backstage during the fights in tynsboro last fall, you were eating buffalo chicken...anyway, I have the protex 3, nice gloves I would recommend them.

But i've been working my boxing a lot lately and if I was going to buy new gloves, I'd buy Winning. They are expensive but the quality is unbelievable. I bought Winning headgear and it was expensive, but by far the best quality piece of equipment I've bought.

You as a professional should definitely check them out. I like Cleto Reyes too, but it's hit or miss with the quality. With Winning, they are all hand made.

Good luck.
Joe "Macaco" B

 Ive been using some fighting sports tri-tech gloves they are super comfortable and somewhat close to winning, but not really.

What are you using them for Joe? I would suggest you get separate gloves for sparring and bag work. Winning gloves do last forever but damn they're pricey.

I prefer lace up gloves because it seems like the velcro is always either scratching my sparring partners up, or loses it's stickyness before the gloves themselves are broken down. One thing you can do is buy the velcro attachments that you lace in. That way if the velcro goes bad, you can replace them for far less than all new gloves.

Get Hayabusa Joe ;-)

They are AWESOME gloves.


These are virtually identical to IMFs. The hand compartment is a little tighter but I think the stitching is way better than Ringsides

I have heard good thing about these as well, but have not used them myself

Reyes. Simply the best glove I ever used. Period. Felt great. Lasted. Worth every single penny. Grant offers a good glove as well but it was too big for me in a matter of feel. The Reyes gloves fit perfectly and felt right from day one. Phone Post