Glover Teixeira vs. Jared Cannonier

Up next... I got Teixeira 

 Big step up for Cannonier. I got Glover. 

Have glover in my bet but can see an upset here 

Glover by KO


EASY pick

boxy - Interesting odds on this fight. I figured Glover would be a bigger favorite.

Not at 37 years old. Maybe two years ago Glover would've been a -500 or more. 

Glover by sub.

Pulling for Glover

Glover might not survive 2 more rounds...

1-0 Glover

Jared landed some good shots at the end of the round that wobbled Glover. 2nd round could be very interesting. 

Damn Kared has zero takedown defense. A litte resistance would help. Damn...

I think Jared is tired. Ground games are from two different planets. 


Glover 2-0

Well, that was boring.

Connoniers ground is underrated. Glover couldn't even finish him from full mount lol

A lot ground stalling from Glover. Good win for him, but he should've finished that fight. Jared has to work on his takedown defense and he will be in the top 10 soon. 

Guy should have the nickname "no sprawl"

Glover hurt his right labia? lol

Did he just say he hurt his Laybia instead of labrum?

BusterBluth -

Glover hurt his right labia? lol

A hahahaha I thought that's what he said