Glover Teixeira Wants Title Shot @ MSG in New York

On the most recent episode of Shark Fights With Billy Mira, Billy was joined by UFC Light Heavyweight, Glover Teixeira (25-4-0) to discuss his upcoming fight with Anthony “Rumble” Johnson at UFC Fight Night: Holm vs Schevchenko. The title implications for their match up are huge, as the victor will most likely face the winner of Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones for the title.

The timing of both fights is right in line with the winners being available for the UFC’s debut show at Madison Square Garden in November. Glover has adopted Danbury, Connecticut as his home, which is within an hour of New York City. When asked how he would feel about an opportunity to fight at Madison Square Garden, Teixeira had this to say:


“I visualized fighting for the title in New York, before it (MMA) was legal in New York. I talked to friends and said, ‘I will fight at Madison Square Garden for the title.’ I have a tough fight ahead of me, but it’s going to be me at Madison Square Garden. I just don’t know (against) who.”

The number three contender has a tough opponent ahead of him in the number two ranked Light Heavyweight, Anthony Johnson (21-5-0). Johnson is known for his tremendous power and the ability to control fights with his great wrestling skills. Teixeira was asked how he planned to negate his opponents power and responded by saying:

“You’ve got to move your head and use your defense. I never plan to get hit anywhere in a fight. I plan to go over there and hit the guy, and knock the guy out. But he’s a guy you have to be careful, you know? No doubt about that.”

When asked what he does better than Anthony Johnson, the 2nd degree BJJ Black Belt said:

“I’m pretty confident in my striking. I’m very confident on the ground, my wrestling ability and the cardio of course if it goes to the distance. I’m not planning on going the distance. I feel I’m more well rounded than him.”

Being within the reach of a title shot Glover was asked if he would prefer to fight Jon Jones or Daniel Cormier. Teixeira answered:

“It’s like you’re in the desert and hungry lions come to you and you have the option to run to the ocean, but in the ocean there’s a bunch of hungry sharks. So which do you prefer? Sharks or lions? You’ve got to fight somebody, so it doesn’t really matter. Either one of them would be a great fight and they’re champions for a reason.”

The Brazilian was asked for his prediction on his fight with “Rumble” and responded:

“I don’t make predictions but I know this, on the day of the fight I’m going to push it my hardest and try and knock him out.”

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