Glover vs Popovich 2morrow...

Tomorrow is the World Series of Grappling with a US vs Brazil theme. Here are some of the superfights w/ my picks. What are yours?

Pablo Popovich vs Tyrone Glover: POPOVICH by points

Daniel Valverde vs Enrico Cocco: COCCO by foot lock

Check out the following link for my breakdowns of each fight...


"Daniel Valverde vs Enrico Cocco: COCCO by foot lock "


LOL obviously you have no idea who Daniel Valverde is!!!!

You my friend, are correct!

Educate us? I know he's a judo badass and a BJJ Brazilian national champ, correct?

I am going w/ Tyrone, Ive rolled w/ Popo before and hes a badass, but I am Tyrones training partner lately and he will be very hard to beat, by anyone right now.

Heiron squeeked by cuz he ran, Popo wont run.

ttt for more on valverde