Glover vs. Popovich

I know that Popovich won by points, but does anyone know the details?

go to I think they have a full description of the match

Doesn't look like they've updated their site yet.

Pablo won on a takedown and guard pass

I was the ref for the that fight. It was very exciting and both fighters displayed excellent technique.

Pablo won via sweep from the 1/2 guard with his arm underhooking the other leg. (This is the sweep that he uses succesfully in a lot of competitions.)

He almost got another sweep, but the fighters went out of bounds before he completed it and I gave him just an advantage.

As soon as Neon Crusher gets off his butt and posts the pics of the fight, I'll post them here or post the link.

Awesome, thanks.

Finally, the pics:

This is a picture that shows Pablo's reversal that I thought landed out of bounds. (Thus, I gave him an advantage instead of the 2 points.) Of course, it's hard to tell from this pic if I was right or wrong. :-)

ttt for the pics