Glover's Travels - Pilot Episode

New series with Jeff Glover!

Glover's Travels Episode 2 - Gracie Barra America Pilot

This will be epic!

 for laters

very cool


He says usually when people pass his guard he would turn around and try to roll the guy. Is there a video out there of someone showing what he is talking about in more detail?

Or anyone know what he is talking about? I see he showed a bit but I'd like to see it broken down.

i enjoyed it. i will buy the dvd when it come sout

 Hey Guys!

I really hope you are enjoying the show. The video on youtube is a condensed version of episode two. Also included in that episode is an extended roll with Marico, a roll with Flavio Almeida and some of the students.

We really want to deliver this show for free for you guys but to do so we need your help! Please rate, share and favorite the pilot episode. If the ratings go up, we'll be brining you more episodes just like this one.

Thanks guys!

Glover's travels episode 2 Pilot!

Where was episode 1? I've been waiting for someone to do an Arte Suave style film in the US.

MurdochIRL - Where was episode 1? I've been waiting for someone to do an Arte Suave style film in the US.

Episode 1 is ready to go. If we get enough viewership we will release that soon along with the full uncut version of Episode 2. The reason we released episode 2 first because it is kind of the standard we want to use for future episodes. That being said, episode 1 is really good featuring Franjinha and Bill Cooper.

for later

 Cool show! Can't wait to see more, I was just thinking last night I wish there was a "reality" show featuring BJJ!!

Is his half guard video ready to be shipped?

I can't wait for episode 3 where he trains with Kimbo!

awesome, Glover is one of the best. hope to see more episodes.



would love to see more episodes


how old is jeff glover?