Gloves = easier to submit!

I cant for my life understand why people are saying its easier to submit someone without gloves, now that Marcello Garcia lost. IMO gloves allows for better grips for armbars, kimuras, keylocks etc. The only sub that is harder to get is the rear naked choke. Any1 agree?

rear naked in harder, but other submissions are easier.

So why say that Marcello would have won without gloves, makes no sense...

Cause he is the master of the RNC and had his back for most of the first round? Its a stupid woulda, coulda, shoulda arguement but the reasoning makes perfect sense.

I never thought about him finishing the majority of his fights with the RNC... but wasnt it a armbar from the back that made him lose position?

i think any choke (not just RNC) is harder with gloves.

What really made him lose position was a huge right hand in the 2nd.

Guillotines might be a little harder with the gloves, definitely RNC, but any grip on the arm is a hundred times easier to maintain with the gloves and tape on.