Hi Guys, what do people think of the Ringside Ultimate 16oz bag gloves. I intend to use the glove for both bag work and sparring. Ringside is running a sale $73 dollars and a free t-shirt. I have no problem paying good money for gloves but I want quality and I they have to have the hook and loop feature (I hate lace up gloves).

Also, how do thers compare to other top gloves such as Twins, Fartex, Everlast? What is the best glove out there. Soft leather, long lasting, and no lace up feature?


You should be able to buy both bag gloves and sparring gloves for that price from

Or you could get two pairs of twins gloves from and use one pair for the bag and the other for sparring.

Use discount code TL69

I have the ringside ultimate gloves.

The leather's nice, so's the lining.

They're a bit too stiff for sparring.

Think of the stuffing in those tiny, little bag gloves, but double the thickness and more dense- in a normal looking glove of course.

Good for the bag, bad for almost anything else.

A good pair of 16 oz Twins would probably be better.

Right now I'm tempted to use my 20 oz heavy hitter gloves for everything instead of switching back and forth.

I really like the Ultimate gear line, but I wouldnt use the bag gloves for sparring no matter how big they are. Now if you got their Ultamate Sparring gloves and used them to hit bag and pads that would be ok. I would still recomend having seperate sparring and bag glove though