Glucosamine/Sulfate/Chond. GLC2000

What's the difference between GLC2000, Glucosamine Chondroitin and Glucosamine Sulfate?

Are these approved by the FDA? If not how long have these products been on the market for and what are the differences between brands? Any known side effects both sort and long term?

Thanks in advance

Not approved by the FDA, but a large multicenter trial is underway and the results should be out next year as to if these work. Vitamins,supplements,dietary aids do not have to go for FDA approval, Unfortunately

Any personal experience with these products and what is your feedback please?

Thanks Howardo.

I take a combination of Glucosamine, Chondotin, MSM daily. It's been proven to help rebuild joints and cartilage and is recommended by many respectable publications and doctors. It's an OTC product and a supplement, because of this it does not need FDA approval. Since this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, it does not need FDA approval. I refuse to be without it and I am not a nut case. If you think you are going to be suddenly better by using it, you won't be. I believe it works without you seeing it. Unfortunately, this one of the few things you have to have faith in. The best case, it works. The worst case, it does nothing and you are only out a little money.

It is not intended to treat or prevent a disease? How is it advertised? Why are you taking it? A lot of people use , and a large NIH sponsored study is underway presently, questions will be answered then

I've had osteoarthritis in one knee for quite a few years now. At one point,i was in extreme pain to bend down on one knee. After a few months of a glucosamine/chondroitin/msm combination i am feeling 90% better. This combination helps build the synovial fluid in your joints. Of all the types i've tried,, the liquid version worked the best. Costco has a good one. I forget the name,, but it comes in a red bottle, and every two tablespoons contains about, 2000mg glucosamine, 1400mg chon droitin and 400mg of msm.
I'd stay away from tablets,,there are some crappy one's out there and they might not break down in your body,and basically you crap them out.
Your second bet would be ones in a gelatin capsule. Webber is a company that isn't bad, it can be had at Costco as well. Good luck!

Latest placebo controlled study released this week shows no benefit over placebo

Yup, read that one :P

Do you have a link to the study? Curious as to exactly what it was evaluating.

My personal experience has been positive. Joint pains, particularly in the hand/wrist, almost disappeared within a few weeks of supplementation. These pains had been persistent for several months previous, from stresses of bjj and judo. While it is possible that my body simply began to adapt, the timing is, in my mind, too close to be coincidental.

Here's an interesting one-

and I think this is the one in question-

I have heard that the condroitin sulfate molecule is too large to enter the blood stream without being digested, so it is not much use.

Glucosomine is absorbed, whether is efective or not who knows. I've just started taking the stuff. We'll see.

I took the stiff glocosamine for 3 months and it had NO effect on my joint pain at all. I started to take GLC 2 weeks ago, hopefully it works. I don't know what to do at all for my joint problems, all the doctors want to do is just tell me to stop training and to take pain killers.

Don't give up on glucosamine/chondroitin and msm combos. I'm living proof that it works. I've gone from extreme pain from osteoarthritis in one kneee to feeling bloody greaat.
I will say that some products are very low quality and can have no affect at all. I've had the most success with a liquid concoction. Look at my above posting for more info.
My knees feels great these days!

"I'm living proof that it works"

Anecdotes are not proof. If it worked, statistics would reflect it. But they don't.

So true, just like a guy with a happy marriage telling you that marriage is great. Is that a perfect example or what!

Jonwell is right. A ton of people say Prolotherapy is the best shit ever. But until it goes through double blind peer reviewed and all that shit, it's just not at the level necessary to be given certain status.

I am very pleased with gluco/condro. It could be placebo or it could be my body just healing on its own. But until any adverse effects come out, I will take it.

And that's pretty much the point where I say well, I ain't going to argue with you. It's your money and it's your body. What would bother me, and what would be very not right, is for it to be prescribed by doctors or naturopaths when it's been shown to have basically no effect, because at that point it's making claims that it cannot back up.


There are NO test results that show any proof that GLC2000, Glucosamine Chondroitin and Glucosamine Sulfate work at all...

So over three months I kept a journal for my wife and I

After about 6 weeks we both had sustantial decrease in joint problems. The only thing is you have to be VERY consistant and once you stop taking it the benifit is gone so its not 'A cure'

...if anyone cares i did the same test twice with creatine about 3 years ago also...

first 3 months i took recomended amount for my weight (I think it was like 5 mg)and didnt show much rise in strength or endurence

about 5 months later i decided to try it again but doubled all the amounts and showed a good strenght gain and an INCREDIBLE endurence increase which began in just a few days

I wonder if i still have those old notebooks....