glutamine questions

How much do you need to take? I've seen tablets sold at different miligrams, which one is the best?

Does it really help with the soreness? I mean is there really a noticeable effect or will I be wasting my money?

i take 5g 2x a day after each workout. I take it for insurance for my immune system. Its cheap enough these to try it for yourself - cheapest form is bulk powder...

weird thing about glutamine:

it helps me when i have a hangover. why? i have no idea.

If you already take a whey protein supplemtn then you probably wont need glutamine seperately because whey's usually got enough glutamine and glutamine precursors in it.

That said, I've heard a couple of people say glutamine helped them a lot when they took it seperately.

Glutamine is the main ingredient in RU21, the "no hangover" pill.

Is it really the main ingredient???? Thats funny, haha.
For the past couple of years, whenever i wake up after a long night of drinking, I take a teaspoon of glutamine and I feel A LOT better.