Gnome instance

When we do this instance we always seem to die . And we always seem to
go the same way. Why do we always skip some of it and jump down to the
bottom only to die. We need to start at the top and work our way around
instead of wasting our time and diein within 5 min of getting there.

lol, the only reason we died last night is because you decided to shoot a mob to see what would happen while we stood on a ledge AFK. We would have gotten much further if we would have waited for Danjer to come back.

Seriously though, when we jump down we are only skipping a small set of stairs. We easily cleared that room and got past this point the other night just by being organized. (I forgot, that was the night you left early Crazy)

Hell three of us got out of the big room last night after the cluster fuck only to get dropped in the next room by a mine. (you have to disarm them within 5 secs or they explode and kill us all)

We just have to do it right next time. Dont come in there with armor at 10%. Dont come in there without any Rez reagents. Make sure the healer gets the Soul Stone. Everyone stick together, don't draw any aggro, kill the alarms as fast as possible, disarm the mines as quickly as possible.

The problem with Gnome is the long as corpse run and the respawns. However not everything respawns, only the kobald looking things respawn. If you clear those at the top you can run right back down to the bottom without a issue. We are getting closer to beating it for sure.

Now, whether we can beat the boss at the bottom is a different story. We have to use some strategy or we'll die. Someone has to be willing to run around and close the cannons while others kill the boss. Any takers?!? :)

Well we need to get a group that can play and not go afk. I think if we go
in an instance we need to kill everything and not skip alot of it. Last night
was the first time steve had been and we killed a few monsters and
jumped down Just my 2 cents. Sorry for shooting the guy but i had gotten
bored LOL.

That might work great. Don't think you'll need to stealth though since the only mob in there is the boss and the rest of us will be on him.

The Boss is just around the corner from where we were standing on the ledge last night.

(of course the hallway to him is packed with agreesive lvl 32 elites!)

I want to beat that fucking instance worse than Tuko wants that leg!

lol, I know man it aint not prob. (Was kinda curious myself)

Yeah we are kinda skipping some shit and I'm down for clearing the whole thing if we start early enough but since we always seem to start it so late I've just been taking us towards the bosses for the good drops.

We all only have one quest there that I know of and its that last fucker with the cannons.

Mucus Plug or whatever they call him.

Im up for it late tonight since im off work tommorrow WooHOooooooo

to bad steves gotta work LOL

Well hopefully we can get a healer on early so that we can start around 7:00/8:00 PM.

This way we do more of Gnomer. We normally have the numbers without any problems, its the healers we lack.

I had been working on a priest but its hard to play 2 characters at once
and keep up with you Leveling machines. Im up for it at 8 since thats
when the wife goes to work

My priest is a whopping 19 so far, haha.