Go Baby Joe

Kick ass Lauzon

Damn another prelim, the live crowd must be gettin pissed waiting around for the next fight.

Don't give a shit about live crowd. I wanted to see Lauzon fight

Yeah, but now I want to see him lose since he kept the nick J-Lo.

nice first round

Ive seen it several times where Joe shoots in and gets caught with a body kick...He takes it very very very well...But one of these days hes going to get babalu'ed and catch a kick in the face...

I don't want him to lose, but I will keep calling him baby Joe


Congrats on the win Joe, but your nick still sucks. Worse than Twinkletoes even.

Lauzon by triangle!


damn perfy, you're seriously bothered by that shit huh? haha.

There's several guys around here that also call themselves J-Lo so yeah it annoys me. And there's some Chinese guy we call J-Ho since his last name is Ho.

Baby Joe all the way... We as the UG can get him to drop J-Lo