Go back in time, change MMA history, wut do?..

Jobe Watson version 2.0 - Penn gets the nod against Edgar in their 1st fight like he should have.


Elvis Sinosec submits Ortiz and becomes the first Aussie champion. Phone Post 3.0
Penn gets nod for first fight against GSP

Gus gets nod against Jones Phone Post 3.0

Tito vs. Dana

Lee Murray would have stayed in the UFC instead of robbing banks

Stopped Lee from robbing banks

Convince Silva, Chris W wasnt a scrub before the first fight Phone Post 3.0

kingkoopa - Stopped Lee from robbing banks

Convince Silva, Chris W wasnt a scrub before the first fight Phone Post 3.0

Are there really still people out there who think Anderson didn't understand the challenge Weidman presented? Or that he could have KO'ed Maia any time he wanted?

Jibbersbitch - I would of made bj stay at 155 after the second Frankie fight, the Rory and Diaz fight did nothing but build up damage on bj. Phone Post 3.0
More to the point, as long as we are in "what if?" Land........I say keep BJ with Marinavich for his whole UFC career. Phone Post 3.0

I become a UFC fighter and retire 32-0 after defeating both Silva and GSP. Phone Post 3.0

Replace Royce with Rickson at UFC 1 Phone Post 3.0

would have liked to see someone buy Pride and kept it alive somehow. even it was smaller until the new owners gained trust of FujiTV again.

at the very least, had WAAAY more UFC vs Pride fights after the buyout instead of cards like ufc76 which was bascially UFC/Pride vs TUF'rs!. and that was the norm. Matt Hammill, joe Daddy & Keith Jardine were in more main events than Pride fighters after the buyout. f'n hated that at the time!

Evan Tanner doesn't go into the desert Phone Post 3.0

Jimmy Recard - Evan Tanner doesn't go into the desert Phone Post 3.0


Prevent Bruce Lees death. He fights in ufc. Still GOAT. Phone Post 3.0

Chael escapes the triangle Phone Post 3.0

Powered by BALCO - Shammy wins UFC 1 Phone Post 3.0

I would settle for a judges decision in Royce - Ken Shamrock 2, or better still a prime Frank Shamock v Royce fight.

Somehow teleport Alexander Karelin into the cage during UFC 1. Today, 22 years after Karelin killing or crippling three men in one night on live television, instead of thousands of young men buttflopping and paying thousands of dollars to Carlos Gracie and his cronies, thousands of young men would be in gyms learning to slam other men on their heads and physically dominate their enemies.


DalyDentedDecimated'sDome - 

doug dedge an american , killed in a Russian mma bout years ago.  

If the lanky uncoordinated Doug hadnt' been considered a non-athlete by his training partners,

if he hadn't  had frequent fainting spells,

if he had muscles instead of a sunken chest

if he hadn't blacked out once from a mere training takedown,

if he had been made of stronger stuff to not die from a few seconds of ground and pound,


he might have been one of the greats.

You think this man's tragic death should be mocked? Scumbag.

I would love to see Cruz's career without the leg injuries. Phone Post 3.0

Warn Brock about diverticulitis. Phone Post 3.0

Convinced my parents to invest in west Australian real estate back in the early 00s. Get them to get a $1m loan and buy 4-5 house with it and sell it in 2013 for about $3 million.

Constant nip slips in Ronda vs Tate. Phone Post 3.0

MayorPirkle - Chael escapes the triangle Phone Post 3.0