Go Billy Irwin

Wishing the best to Billy Irwin in his second shot at the lightweight championship of the world (Boxing). Win or lose it has been an honour to train with you in the past.

ttt for billy!!!!

the only way he wins is if he connects with that left hook

but diaz will be too fast and young for billy

When in doubt, shoot for a double leg!


You trained with him? That is sweet. Best of luck to Billy, he seems like a great guy and a very hard worker.

yeah I trained with him for a couple years. Great guy in and out of the ring. Learned tons training with him and his brother who by the way is just as tough and super tallented(hopefully he turns pro soon). Especially learned (very quickly) to protect the right side of my body. He's got a lot against him butI wish him well in this fight.

TTT for the old guys eh Vince. hahaha kidding bro.

Go Irwin. That kid is a pitbull.

I was hoping he'd beat Spadafora when they fought - the
patented left-hook to the body just couldn't find it's
mark. All the best to Billy, I like him, but he's just
too one-dimentional of a fighter when it comes to
taking on the worlds best and all of their tools.

Mayweather fights tonight.


A junior welterweight match-up and a heavyweight slugfest open the 33rd year of prizefighting on HBO when WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING: FLOYD MAYWEATHER VS. HENRY BRUSELES AND SAMUEL PETER VS. YANQUI DIAZ is seen live from the American Airlines Arena in Miami on SATURDAY, JAN. 22 (10:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. PT). exclusively on HBO.

Irwin was knocked down once and stopped in the 9th.

The Kid looked pretty banged-up at the end of it -
Diaz didn't have a scratch on'im.

Irwin announced his retirement before the fight.