Go Carlos!!!

Carlos will be fighting in Japan's Bushido this sunday, May 23. Where are you going to watch it?

Ronin by slickness, 6:30 R1

I'm watching it at my neighbors.

Go Ronin!

when are they showing it in north america? same day?

ttt for carloso!!

I beleive 9pm Sunday

ttt for Carlos

ttt for Carlos

TTT for the Ronin!

Best of luck to Carlos!


Go Carlos !!! Carlos, if your reading this, it was great to see you again. If you ever swing by the old place, pop on in again and say hi. Cheers, Rick and Lisa.

Carlos is cool as hell! He's been nothing but a classy dude everytime I've met him. All the best!

Good Luck Carlos!!!


Go Carlos!

Big things are gonna happen for Carlos this weekend.

Kick some serious ass my friend.

Shawn Tompkins

Should be a great ground war with Carlos coming out on top.

TTT for Carlos!!

ttt for the Ronin

Best of luck to Carlos!

good luck carlos!