"Go Genki"?

Was Genki Sudo named after a comic book called "Go Genki"? I seem to remember him saying something like that in an interview. Does anyone know anything anout this book? And for that matter, what does "Go Genki" translate to in english? Just curious.

genki = happiness, energy

It's a boxing comic about a boxer named "Genki." Actually "Go Genki" is an already translated title. The original Japanese title is "Ganbare Genki" which means "Go Genki." lol.

It's also on DVD.


Hey, thanks. Maybe you can tell me what "Hajime No Ippo" translates to (another boxing comic book)! "Start of Ippo"? "Introduction of Ippo"?

Well, "Hajime no ippo" is kind of an idiomatic expression that means "The first step." "Ippo" means "a step." Just like Genki (means energy as AaronU said) , Ippo is pretty unique as a first name. But this is a comic so...

hajime no ippo ? the Ps2 game Victorious boxers was based on that right ?