Go Kart Racing Clip?

Has anyone heard some gokart racing clip going around the net? I was watching the news late a few nights ago, don't remember if it was Canada or States but I think it was in Canada, and they had a story about it. They showed the carts and said they go 200kph and that someone had shot a video of them racing around the city in one. They then showed a short clip of the vid and mentioned how dangerous it was for the driver and citizens. I guess the person is trying to sell it online to make some money. Anyone seen this or know a link for it?

After searching google for a bit I found a link to the website. It's says the video is 44 minutes long of a guy driving around Quebec City in traffic on his gokart. It has a short little trailer showing him doing some driving, they want 20 bucks for the whole video.

The website is: