Well known forum member "Kid Justice" is fighting TONIGHT in ROF-23 in Colorado!

Kid is FINALY coming back to the ring and the fans can't wait!!!!

OSW wants to wish Kid the absolute best tonight! We'll be there to support Kid and watch his return with high anticipation!!!

Can't wait! Anyone thinking of going should do so! Sven throws one helluva show!

Show your boy Kid Justice some love and leave him a good word!



Kid is a great fighter. Hes got good reaction and good hand speed.

And training in Colorado's elivation only add's to his arsenal of weapons...Most guys who come to the state and fight are in for a HUGE surprise when they get in the ring and start exerting alot of energy. Happens to the best of'em...



TTT for KJ!

Who is he fighting?


Joe Jesser 144.2 lbs vs. Andreas Mondragon 142.6 lbs

Ed Schmidt 189.6 lbs vs. John Fabbricatore 187.8 lbs

Adrian Jiron 159.2 lbs vs. Mike Maestas 159.4 lbs

Stephan Zetyunan 154 lbs vs. Tommy Alcozer Jr. 154 lbs

Tyler Toner 145.4 lbs vs. Gerald Lavato 144 lbs

Nick Sertrakian 175.2 lbs vs. Toby Johnson 170.4 lbs

Dan Green 200 lbs vs. Jesse Isbel 207 lbs

Rocky Johnson 156 lbs vs. Leonard Garcia 155 lbs

Mike Baldwin 142 lbs vs. Charles Williams 142.4 lbs

Alvin Robinson 154.6 lbs vs. James Martinez 154.6 lbs

I'll see you all there! And anyone who wants to support your troops, let us know! 15% of ALL OSW Sales go our local troops!

TTT and GOOD LUCK KID!!! (I'll hook you up with some shirts when I get there!) lol.





Good Luck from a fellow Agent from Dept. of Homeland Security!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me and Arlene wish u luck Kid!!!

I cornered KJ for this fight and he did a damn good job.

The first round was a stand up round and several times he had his opponent in trouble but the kid came back aggressivly. Both guys were true champs as they both dished out punishment. The first round was Shootbox rules, standup with throws. KJ's last minute replacement opponent was a National wrestling champion who took him down about 3 times. The points balanced out as KJ was killing him with leg kicks and punches - 1 maybe two more kicks and the kid would have had a 2 month limp.

Second round, starts off with a quick flurry from both fighters, the kid realized he was in a losing situation against KJ and shot in and took KJ down. KJ did a good job of getting him to guard but the kid's wrestling proved to much. KJ was about to reverse and had to tap as the kid had his arm trapped behind his back. KJ lost exhibition match to sub.

He was orignally traing for a Muay Thai fight - his fighter was a wash as was the wreslters opponent for MMA They both agreed to exhibition match, 1 round Muay Thai, 1 round MMA. Both fighters did a great job.

As always a great turn out for ROF.

sucks for KJ... he always has had problems with wrestlers ;oP

good to see you back in the ring... i hope to return in the fall

Thanks guys! LOL Mac... Your right about that : )

I just want to say that Ed was a tough son of a bitch. I hit him pretty hard and he just kept coming. In the second round I tried hard to roll with him but for sure he was dominating me (he is freaking way strong) He caught me in some weird arm trap and then dropped like three good elbows in a row on my melon...... I took the first one and thought to myself Ok' that was not that bad, the second one I was like shit that hurt... The third one I said to myself Holy crap that mother's gonna crush my skull.. Tap, tap Tap for me....

I want to thank Jeff Ford for helping me out with my knee rehab and my training for this fight. I had knee Surgery Dec. 27th and and came back to fight three months later. I lso lost over 17 pounds to take this fight.

Thanks also to Grapplers Edge for all their help (CHADK is the man)

And thanks to Frankie Sanchez and Dan Magnus

ttt for KidJustice!  You will get them next time, my friend.

Gary Hughes

Pics and stuff are up at www.rofmma.com


john you look skinny LOL...

Yeah, I lost over 17 pounds to get to that weight (187)..... I'll be back to weight lifting starting tomorrow.. Back on the road to a svelte 205 :)

yeah man i am on the way to lose 40lbs again!!! god i love beer and
food way to much to be in the fight game :)

Locust- Keep your shit talking off my fucking thread you piece of shit. OSW has 7 Military fighters on the team and where I live we have over 5 Military bases and are one of the largest military homes statewise in the entire country. You don't know shit about what we do here and we're hardly having a hard time getting rid of our stuff and we have done several rallies/contest's for the local troops. If we were big enough to give something to all the troops we would be but so far its a start....AT least we're doing something to help out while you sit back and talk shit. How about a name you little prick..? Too scurred to give me your name..?

In any event, KID JUSTICE did a GREAT job this weekend!!! It was a back and forth fight all the way down to the wire! He represented to the best and OSW is proud!!!!

Jeff Ford was also in attendence and making way for his new school! Good luck Jeff! Can't wait to train up there!!!