Go KID!!!

Let's see a big KO! but don't hurt your hand.. I wish I could see this.

KID wins by armbar! Congrats Nori!


kid is a friggin assasin and would crush pequeno. and although lighter than serra, ribeiro, edwards, and penn, that's a four-fight deal i'd pay in advance to see.

just curious, what is kid's walking around weight?

Zviggy- KID is a very exciting fighter in the same way Enson is. They both go out there and go for it. They leave it all in the ring and are very agressive. Check out KID's highlight clip in the KID highlight clip thread. I also have started to make a highlight vid for KID and after I am done I will make an Enson one so look for those in the future. My Enson one will take time. I want to make it way different than the other ones. I need to come up with something good.

Ensen, where can we get more info and pics of Kid?

yasonf- give me your email and i will send you a zip with a bunch of pics of him from all over the internet. email me and i will reply with the pics.


here is my email: yasonf@aol.com

I've been looking for pics of Kid in fights and general training pics. I
liked some of the ones that were on Enson's site before it was