Go On A Cruise With Rich Franklin!

check out the sweet offer on Rich's and American Fighter's websites. Pretty cool idea.


i would love to lounge poolside with a stunning young hunk like him and snap towels at eachothers dripping wet bottoms in the lockerroom after we rub suntan oil on our glistening pecs.


I thought you could WIN a cruise. I guess you still have to pay. The bonus is Rich will be there. Cool. Rich is a good guy and has a good sense of humor. You will have fun if you go on this ride!

Hey richxedge, what's your email? I want to ask you a question. If you don't want to post it, mine's judojitsu@yahoo.com Shoot me a email, please.

checkuroil - so that's a no?

bajabryan - so bring girl with you?

Ronald McDojo - my email is

hit me up

i would go but i wouldnt want to steal richs spotlight. maybe bluemagics gold tooth could make a guest appearance.