Go Padres!

Doesn't look like my Giants are going to do shit this year, and I refuse to see the Dodgers win the division.

Go Padres!

WTF are the Padres doing in 2nd place anyway? I've only watched them play 1 game.

they have the potential to have the best offensive team in the national league

That's a bit of a stretch, IMO. I think they can definitely win the West though.

What's with this Peavy kid?? Never heard of him, he's doing really well.

they honestly don't have a weakness in their lineup i dont think any other team in the nl can say that

They don't have any real big weaknesses, but on the flip side, they don't have any real big strengths either, outside of Giles. There are a handful of teams in the NL that you could say are better offensively.

nevin?? klesko? boroughs? loretta? greene? the weakest hitter in the lineup is jay payton.

they have 8 guys with 10+rbi's in comparison the cubs have 7 and the astros have 6

They're also tied for 10th in the NL in doubles, 10th in runs, and 13th in SLG%. They have 2 guys hitting over .300.

"they have 8 guys with 10+rbi's in comparison the cubs have 7 and the astros have 6"

True. Or you could say the Astros have 4 guys with 20+ RBI's, the Cubs have 2, and the Padres have.........none.

I think they're a good club, definitely good enough to win the West, but I think their biggest strength is their pitching. They're 2nd in the NL in ERA and 3rd in WHIP. Three of their starters have ERA's under 3.50.

Thus far their new park is a pitcher's park big time.

hawkeye...that's the way they designed it since it's easier to find good hitting than it is good pitching

also please note in my first post i put the word POTENTIAL