Go See Joe Rogan..

I just watched the TapOut show and saw a little of his performance.

It reminded me of when I saw him when he came to Chicago.

One of my friends who has been in a UFC b4 wanted to go see him. I thought that he knew Joe or kept in touch thru the UFC experience, but he just wanted to see him perform.

Anyway, I thought he was hilarious. The guy is funny as hell.

I hope he comes back to town.

Go see him Live if U get the chance.

Anyone else see him live?

Does he do any UFC jokes? Cause that would be like.. totally awesome

I was expecting he would do more, but that's the beauty of it, his show is so funny U forget He commentates the UFC.

U see him as a Stand Up comedian. It's great.

One of my buddies went to see him perform after a UFC and said that his standup is Grade A.



^He's not lying.

Rogan rules!

yeah i saw him. he was very funny. didnt mention the ufc tho. which i thought was good.

Seen him live, hes funny as fuck!

"get off rogan's nuts"

Right after I get off ur mother U f-ing noob.