Go to brazil alone...

Yay or Nay?



only if you know all the words to that viiiitooooor beeelllllfoooort song (triangles, triangle, triangles)

I went alone and had the best time of my life.

Sinon Jujubre, contacte Manu Fernandez, il va y'aller en Novembre normallement

I've heard of a lot of people going on their own. If you're careful, I'm sure it's fine.

ok droc...tu aurais son adresse email?

its not email mon frer...

"its not email mon frer... "

lol..correct..it is couriel

thanks people for the feedback. i am going alone!!!! or with Manuel Fernandez but i am not sure i will have time available in September.

anyway, nice to see that we can have good time in brasil alone...

I went alone a couple of years ago. I trained at Barra and had a great time. I made a bunch of brazilian and american friends and had a blast.

That said, I think it would have been better to have gone down with friends from home.

I would

I wouldn't go alone anywhere. I've done it before and had a miserable time. I just like someone to keep me company.

you should go or the terrorists win!

I might buy you a beer although you never referred me at sportsbook.com...

Yea...if you likea da ass!!!