Goal to max out dumbbell press at planet fitness

By July 1st.

Was talking about how weak I am now in other rhread. Especially how I used to use 95 and 100 lb dumbbells for reps.

I’m usually to embarrassed of my weakness to try that at gym but I just went and said fuck it if some 135 lb kid is stronger . Well I got up to the 50’s for fairly easy sets of 6. The dumbbells max out at 75.

I would say 75’s for 8 for a 48 year old is not too pathetic

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Do you deliver the pizzas there as well?


Careful pushing yourself with those! I stopped lifting a couple years ago when I noticed shoulder pain increasing as my dumbbell press got heavier. By the time I got comfortable with 55s it was bad enough I just quit.
I know it was my form or over extending, or something I did wrong over the years but the pain comes back within a couple weeks if I try to start again even with just 45s.


I don’t think they do that anymore . Used to be pizza night from OTTO and bagel day from
Somewhere. I did come out to see someone shooting up on trash can outside or Walgreens . Wonder what he could lift

And god dammit if I didn’t look up in locker to see the stereotypical old dude with his dink out with one leg up on bench


Were your palms at 45 degree angle or parallel? That takes bunch of shoulder tension off

The absolute worst drop off in my strength is dips. Used to strap a 45 on and do reps all day. I can barely do 3 now with body weight


I don’t remember how I did it for years before watching the Athlean X guy on youtube tell me how wrong I was about everything. lol
After watching his dumbbell press vid I changed form several times but couldn’t get away from the pain when lifting heavy. I assume something has been damaged so I just stay from from that movement now.

Only mentioned it because everything was going so smooth for years until I hit age 47 and then pain started when I was going big on dumbbell presses. Big for me was pyramid sets from 45 to 60 lbs every other day.

I recently had to find a new gym because the dumbbells only went to 130. I know what you mean and it can be very frustrating to not have the weight you need to pump out a set.

As I write this, I think I need a pump…


Lol, I don’t even know what I could do with 130s. Maybe roll it around on the floor a bit?


When I worked at a gym I had to put plates back constantly. Fuckers would always leave 100’s on leg press. Great workout

Dumbbells went to 120 or 130. I could pick and carry them ok . No exercise I could do with them though mayyyybe one rep 120’s

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That’s genius of them to not have anything over 75 lbs. I never realized how much dumbbell bench press is an arm exercise until I started trying to use them to target the chest like a bodybuilder. Really had to drop the weight down.

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I’m 46 and my sets for 75lbs are 15 reps.

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You will just get bad shoulders. Lifting heavyweight over 40 is just dumb.

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I don’t think I’ve been to gym since this thread. Various sicknesses and back pain and other foolish stuff

Finally back tonight/. Did sets of 5 with 60’s. Man I suck if I’m not playing with the 75’s in a couple months

Also, the planet fitness lighting and mirrors make me look ripped. I’m taking my abs pic there whenever that day comes


Funny, I just went to Planet Fitness last night. My buddy has a Black card membership where he can sign guests in for free.

For some reason I can’t get motivated to train hard at PF, so I just did some eliptical while watching the Celtics/Sixers game.


Yeah my planet has a bunch of weirdos . At least hours I go . But you get candy at end


Tired Arnold Schwarzenegger GIF by The Late Late Show with James Corden

My sister goes to PF a town over . This was up today


Good luck with the 20lb plastic dumbells!

Most people who claim to press heavy dumbbells aren’t even doing half reps, let alone anything close to full rep, there are some dudes who grow a big chest using 50-75’s.

My best was the 100’sx4 on flat a few different times at 157lbs. I don’t use a barbell. Now I weigh more, but use less weight, do 15-30 degree incline but never 45 degrees and do pause reps for the stretch, and I do more machine stuff.

My chest has never been a responder and I have torn both shoulders and broke one 24 years ago, so I have to be pretty selective anymore.

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I’ve been just getting ack to the gym. I’m weak as fuck, but feel like barbell bench I am making progress.

Incline DB press, I can’t move weight, the movement feels off, and I don’t feel the connection. Driving me nuts. Trying to figure out what is supposed to be a great exercise but it eludes me.