Goal to max out dumbbell press at planet fitness

Mine are legit

I’m talking about the guys who claim to put up 150’s and shit, or try to press 120’s overhead etc and never even get close to 90 degrees

Did you max out yet?

I put up 120s in seated shoulder press probably went deeper than you lol. I rarely see anyone only go to 90 degrees using dumbbells people usually get much deeper range of motion than barbell. That’s one of the big advantages that you can go deeper with lower injury risk.

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Pump it

This did not age well

My shoulders hurt reading this. Pressed 110’s for 10 in my prime.

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Video or nobody cares.

Alright back for first time in couple months . Did the 55’s for sets of 8 . Literally he-man

wtf is that?!?!?!
i thoght people were joking about the lunk alarm
does some jealous fatty pull the alarm?
is it an employee?

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75lbs are my first warm-up set on incline bench. Planet Fitness is for woman and homeless people.


I thought it was sound activated but that vid makes it look like some asshole is watching the place and has a button to push.



Well there are a lot of homeless encampments nearby I’ll have to peek in the PF showers

so simply grunting will set off that alarm?
people are supposed to lift completely silent?

imagine the type of person that takes thejob of lunk alarm moitor/puller


I have yet to hear the alarm go off yet and there was a white gal and black guy dropping F-bombs on each other fighting over the leg press machine the other day.

It’s like a cardio place for me. I guess if you’re a dude lifting there, whatever. If you’re a guy lifting there and acting all serious and hardcore about lifting though, go to a real gym or get your own shit. You’re taking up space that the girls and old/fat people need. You can walk around all pumped up though and act like a celeb there I guess.

For $10/month and $1 down, the place sure as hell isn’t trying to attract the attention of any semi-serious lifter.


Hey I also warm up with 75’s for 15 or so (for kickbacks & curls).