Goals for 2005

I'm interested in hearing the forum's goals for 2005. I have much more specific goals but here are a few:

  1. Strengthen all my joints through once a week yoga, 3 times a week rehab exercises/strength training, and light training for the first month or so of 2004 (2x week jiujitsu, 2x week judo, 1x week wrestling/thai boxing)

  2. Finish Taku's Interval Training through the fight training stage by June 2005 (roughly 16 week program) (www.trainforstrength.com)

  3. Take my vitamins, gelatin, and fruits and veggies every day (mom will be proud! :) ) (and stay away from milk products and refined sugar)

  4. Win a purple belt bjj tournament by the end of the year

1) Purple Belt. I can see it ahead of me!

2) get started in my "formal" Savate training. I've had some from Roy Harris, but I'm looking forward to getting some regular training from Armando

3) continue pursuing Kalis Ilustrisimo. This stuff is fascinating!

4) get back into Judo. I was really good about going regularly for the first half of 2004, but then I changed my schedule and haven't been back. I think it will help when I.......

5) move my classes into a new facility. This assumes.........

6) swell my classes so that I have an influx of new active students. I love the students I have. I need more of them.

cool, good luck!

To stay healthy for an entire year (for once)

  1. Win an advanced No-gi tourney.

  2. Win a purple (gi) tourney.

  3. Win an MMA fight.

Oh boy, I had others when I first started typing, but I think I am just going to leave it at that. I already may have bitten off more than I can chew. If I can do those three, all the other details will probably have worked themselves out!

"Win a purple belt bjj tournament by the end of the year" - Fatbuddha
"Win a purple (gi) tourney" - JRockwell

what the hell?! Stay out of my weight!

LOL, what weight are you, man?

I have dropped 10 pounds of muscle in the last year, and am struggling to stay at 175, currently.

Where are you located? I'm in VA. We will just have to rig it so we end up on opposite ends of the brackets in two tourneys. Then we'll do works in the finals, you win one, I win one. I'll take Pan-Ams, you can have the Mundials.

Problem solved!

LOL! (I'm in Atlanta, GA) My weight fluctuates between 170 and 180 not really sure where I'm at now. I really like your plan - see you in the finals!!! Now I just need to talk to all those other competitors about arranging works in the early rounds...hmmmmm...[Fatbuddha schemes]

  1. Get at least 1 stripe on my blue.

  2. Get closer to graduation (engineering degrees take forever, for fook's sake!)

damn jgibson, ain't that the truth (on the engineering degree taking forever)! I still have a year left thanks to my f'ing Senior Design mess.

  1. Get in better shape/cut body fat

  2. Greatly improve my ground game by focussing heavily on
    bjj (I've been too inconsistent over the years)

  3. Continue to improve my performance and knowledge in

  4. Finally establish a career path


my goal is to spend my entire year interfering with every one of C.J.'s goals

1) Complete the 12 week Taku interval program.

2)Win a purple belt tourney.

3)Get my brown in Judo.

4)Actually, I just really want to get better at throwing people, so I think
I'm going to try and work some wrestling, too.

5)Get accepted to (and begin in the fall) a grad program in


Cool thread, btw.


Goals for 2005

  1. Compete in and win an advanced no gi tourney.

  2. Fight in MMA before April.

  3. Structure my training better. Set objectives, refine my game, identify and solve problems faster.

  4. To make poker at least 50% of my income. Right now it's about 20%.

  5. Have sex with hot asian twins.

  6. To stop putting things in reverse order of importance.

Funny, I have the EXACT same asian goal that bsktrap has. Other than that, there's this:

  1. Get my blue belt.

  2. Make my half guard game very dangerous against even much bigger guys.

  3. Get better at guard passing.

  4. Get better at takedowns.

  5. Get better at boxing.

  6. Improve my butterfly guard game.

  7. Get better at side mount escapes.

  8. Basically make it next to impossible for ANY white belt to hold me down in mount, side mount and back mount (unless they manage to sink in a pin 100%).

Jonpall- How is it that you are not a blue belt? You ask and answer some very technical questions all over the forums. If you can perform half the stuff you speak on, you must be 1 hell of a white belt!

Your in Iceland right? That's my next vacation spot, maybe I could come by and train while I'm there?

Goals? Ha.

Get my son enrolled in college, and figure out a way to pay for it and still allow for luxuries like food.

Devote more time to bettering my meager carpentry skills.

Get a good start on my Japanese inspired garden in my backyard.

Figure out a way that I can continue my MA training. I might try switching to Muay Thai since groundwork leaves me a cripple for a couple days due to my effed up back. I would like to be able to rehab my back so I could continue MMA, but I'm loosing hope.

Oh yeah... that and keep everyone in my family happy, and find the key to world peace.

Kevin "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy" Curtis :)

"Jonpall- How is it that you are not a blue belt? You ask and answer some very technical questions all over the forums. If you can perform half the stuff you speak on, you must be 1 hell of a white belt! "

Ask Matt Thornton :) Last august, when he came to Iceland, he said I was close but not quite there. Maybe some other instructors would have given me the blue belt but I've heard that Matt has high standards, so I'm quite happy. That way, when I get the blue belt I'll know that I deserve it and I'll probably not get KILLED by that many white belts.

But also, the reason could also be the fact that I have to KNOW just a little bit more than I can DO - because I'm learning all this shit from tapes and the net. Since I'm essentially teaching myself, I have to know the moves before I can do them. In order to know them well enough to teach them and answer questions about them, I have to ask questions on this web site. But I try out all the ideas I get from here, think about them and re-iterate.